Safe Haven Group

Safe Haven brings together a highly experienced and dedicated team operating within the sustainable agriculture and energy sectors. Our company works with some of the world’s most progressive and impactful organisations to research, develop and deliver sustainable solutions to tackle pressing challenges that affect our planet. 

The Safe Haven Vision

Safe Haven wants to see a world in which a clean energy economy thrives. For this, decarbonisation and environmental stewardship is essential. Sustainable living can be achieved if we combine sources of clean energy, innovative agricultural practice and smart technologies.  

By encouraging a zero-carbon environment and by providing food security, Safe Haven wants to help change the way we live. Our renewable energy systems and food producing technologies will reduce the carbon footprint and help protect both people and planet. Safe Haven remains committed to researching technologies that have positive social, environmental and ecological impact.


Our Companies

Safe Haven Solutions

Safe Haven Solutions provides sustainable agriculture and clean energy solutions that truly benefit both people and the planet. We fuse agriculture and smart technologies to maximize yields and efficiency, to create food security around the world. Our agritech food production systems are powered by clean energy solutions to produce highly nutritious, pesticide free vegetables and fruits. 


Safe Haven Energy

Safe Haven Energy provides turn-key renewable energy systems for a range of purposes. By continuously researching and developing circular energy systems, Safe Haven Energy provides bespoke solutions that address complex energy needs around the world.

The Safe Haven Energy renewable solutions include solar, wind, geothermal, battery storage and mobile power. 

Safe Haven Marine

Safe Haven Marine is an independent support service company providing jack-up based accommodation to offshore industries. Safe Haven Marine is focused primarly on providing world-class living quarters for those working on offshore wind locations around the world. 

Safe Haven Marine has a qualified management team with more than 20 years of experience. With an extensive international track record, Safe Haven Marine has an outstanding reputation and is a recognized name within the offshore industry worldwide.

Safe Haven Drilling

Safe Haven Drilling is an independent company focused on providing drilling services for geothermal power installations. Safe Haven Drilling provides bore drilling, directional drilling and midwater drilling services.

Based on proven experience and an extensive track record, Safe Haven Drilling provides a world-class service using the most experienced personnel.